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Poyama Child Treatment ServicesWho We Are

Polk, Yamhill and Marion Child Treatment Services, Inc. (Poyama) is a community based psychiatric program that offers an array of intensive mental health services for children ages three through 12 faced with social, emotional and/or neurological challenges. We work with children during the day and are open year round to promote their social, emotional and educational growth. The family and child are viewed as the unit of intervention.  The overall goal of our program is to help children attain a healthy level of overall functioning at home, in school and in their community.

How To Get Services

Medicaid Eligible Children on the Oregon Health Plan must be authorized by the local managed health care organization, Mid-Valley Behavioral Managed Health Care Organization (BCN) to receive treatment services through Poyama Treatment Services. BCN authorization is only granted after a child has been through the screening process at the child's County Mental Health New Solution and deemed appropriate to receive intensive mental health services.

Marion County New Solutions:     503-361-2724
Polk County New Solutions:          503-623-9289
Yamhill County New Solutions:     503-434-7462

Non-Medicaid Children can be referred to receive any level of service that Poyama Treatment Services offers.  Parents with private insurance must contact their health care company and inquire about the limits of their coverage. School districts, or any private resource, are able to privately contract with Poyama to have a child placed for an assessment, evaluation & stabilization or enrolled in day treatment.

Please contact Helen Dusschee at Poyama (503-838-6048)
to learn about possible options.

Services Provided:

Psychiatric Day Treatment Services

  • All activities, therapeutic and educational, occur in the context of a "treatment milieu"
  • Staffing ratio is 1 adult for every 3 children
  • Small Special Education group instruction with Special Education Teacher
  • Psychiatric Consultation and medication reviews
  • Consultation with Speech and Autism specialists
  • Collaboration with the child's resident school district representatives
  • Collaboration with the child's physician
  • 24 hour crisis response available

Daily Options:

Psychiatric group therapy can include; play therapy, super kids
(sexual abuse recovery), art therapy, social skills, self awareness,
life story groups, grief counseling, sports groups, movement,
yoga, relaxation/self soothing, sensory integration, anger
management and more.

Weekly Options:

Individual therapy, family therapy, couples counseling and
home-based family stabilization parent support groups.

Assessment, Evaluation & Stabilization, 30 Days or Longer

  • Two individual therapy sessions per week
  • One family meeting per week
  • A minimum of 5 therapy groups per week
  • Psychiatric assessment with child psychiatrist
  • Application of specific assessment tools
  • Regular collaboration/contact with referring special education team
  • Exit meeting with REFERRAL SOURCE and ORGANIZATION (Poyama)
    prior to child's return to publish school placement to discuss specific     
    recommendations and intervention techniques
  • Detailed report within seven working days of discharge which will include:
    1. Determination for special education eligibility if applicable
    2. A five-axis diagnosis
    3. A current social, emotional and behavioral functioning description, including;
      executive language-processing, emotional regulation, social and cognitive inflexibility
      skill deficits and triggers, and child ad family strengths
    4. Recommendations and intervention techniques

Skills Training

Individualized community based mental health interventions delivered in home or in various community settings that provide cognitive, behavioral and psycho-educational support. Skills training is an additional service available beyond the traditional fifty minute psychotherapy session. This service gives the child multiple and diverse opportunities to practice skills with the assistance of treatment staff.



Clinical consultation will address a child's behavioral, social and/or emotional difficulties in the classroom.  Consultation can be provided for the child, family and/or school staff for the purpose of developing plans to help stabilize the child in the least restrictive and most appropriate environment. For Medicaid eligible children, plans will be consistent with the approved treatment plan through the New Solutions process. Consultation services can be privately contracted and occur on the Poyama campus, public school campus and/or in the home.

Additional services are available
via contract with Polk County Mental Health

Please contact Helen Dusschee at 503-838-6048 or for more information please contact Polk County Mental Health Intake at 503-623-9289.


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